About Eily & Zoltan Bartfai

Sales Representatives

Eily & Zoltan Bartfai 
Two Unique Individuals, One Powerful Combination! 
Eily and Zoltan work as a team, each with distinctive skills that together form a complete real estate partnership.  Their clients get the best of both worlds: female and male, Asian and European, artistic and commercial, family and professional.  Two for the price of one!
Their number one priority is to make selling or buying your next property a stress free and easy process.  That's why they are offering a free book on "How to BUY Your Home" A Step-by-step guide for Home Buyers or "How to SELL Your Home" A Step-by-step guide for Home Owners.  
Just call or email a request today to receive the books without any further obligation.  It's just one more way Eily and Zoltan ensure you make the most of your investment when it comes to real estate.